We here at Superior Computers have one goal – to provide our customers with solutions and services that benefit their business and personal needs. We’re helping people see how we combine technology with our knowledge, experience, professionalism, and common sense in order to provide uncommon customer satisfaction.


As your business changes with technology, you might find yourself overwhelmed with choices. We can help you make the best of available technology by helping you evaluate all of your options, assisting in the decision making process, and planning the implementation of your choice.

Network/internet security concerns are at an all time high as threats such as viruses and adware have transformed from isolated nuisances to constant, crippling threats. Security evaluations can help you see what your weaknesses are and give you recommendations on what should be done to keep you safer from attacks, both internal or external. Not all businesses require the same amounts of security measures, and we can help you implement the best measures for you.

Most people have many software choices for their business, and differences in those choices are not always clear. We can help you evaluate software and give you details on strengths and weaknesses of your options. Most software companies are eager to sell you their product but do not give you any help on integrating their product with the hardware/software resources you already have, usually resulting in wasted money and space. We can bridge the gap between you and your software vendor and make sure you have what you need to operate in the most efficient means, maximizing the returns on your software investments.

As you are building or remodeling, most businesses unfortunately do not put thought into their computer network and telecommunications infrastructures, namely because the architects and contractors are focusing on cosmetics and deadlines. Usually, these infrastructures are considered as customer supplied, and simply exist in a minimal state on a set of blueprints. Unfortunately most people will not know they don’t have what they need until they move in.

Superior can help save you money and time by designing your network infrastructures based on your blueprints and working with the architects to make sure that you have enough space to facilitate future growth. In some cases, a building project must not interfere with business, and in these cases we can help you move operations as a whole or in part as to minimize downtime and keep your organization connected.


What business doesn’t have a network these days? From as simple as sharing Internet access to a wide-area VPN network spanning several cities, everyone is putting network technology to work. However, it takes more that just a few cables and a hub to make a network actually work efficiently. A network needs to be properly designed for your application in order to give you the best benefits for your investment. Superior Computers can take your network from the design phase all the way through installation and maintenance.

Network maintenance contracts are a great way to relieve you of the burden of network management, and plans can be customized to fit your individual business needs. Some businesses have the know-how to perform tasks such as managing users on their network, while others feel more comfortable having us performing all management. We can remotely manage network functions such as adding/deleting users, performing software updates, and monitoring data backups.


Our systems are all custom manufactured by Superior Computers. These systems are crafted using only quality parts. We only use parts for your systems that we would use for our own systems. Why does that matter to you? By using quality parts, you can expect higher performance and fewer problems. From desktop workstations to servers, each unit can be fully customized according to your specifications and requirements. When something does happen, we can minimize downtime for you due to the fact that we built the system and know exactly what you have, and we don’t utilize foreign call centers, you get actual person that speaks your language when you call.

In our retail sales section, you’ll find an assortment of parts and accessories for those who want to build their own systems, or those knowledgeable to make their own repairs. We can order any specific components that we do not usually carry, and can find most any OEM part, even those discontinued by their manufacturer.


Sometimes, computer problems can rate as high on the frustration list as a flat tire in a rainstorm. It doesn’t help when you call your major manufacturer’s tech support line and get someone in another country.

Superior Computers is your repair center for all makes of PC’s. We are happy to repair your home PC as well as your business PC’s and servers. Our repair center is equipped with a variety of parts in order to make repairs quickly and have you back in operation. On-site service is available as well as depot service at our facility.

Our technicians are different than those of other service providers in one major aspect – customer service. We are honest with our customers, and don’t mind telling you if you are trying to do something that we think is a waste of money. Because we are unlike most other computer repair services and we realize that our customers are our biggest assets, we actually try to repair your machine rather than just “format & forget”. This gives us a better chance of returning a computer that the customer is familiar with and comfortable using.

For added convenience, we also offer on-site service to your home or business. Service technicians can talk with you about your issue and arrive on-site focused on the task. Senior technicians are available for your more complicated issues, such as network/server troubles. If you would like to schedule an appointment, simply contact us and we will coordinate a visit to get you back up and running.

Our technicians use their knowledge and experience to turn your repairs around as soon as possible. With knowledge of systems from the pre-DOS era all the way up to the latest packages such as Microsoft Server 2016, there is a good chance that we’ve been there and done that before. We also offer emergency rush services for those who must have their equipment back and in service quickly.

For those with major problems, we offer in-house data recovery services. In most cases, we can retrieve data from non-functioning hard drives. We’ve teamed up with data recovery specialists to pass on jobs too great for us to handle, so if it is possible to get your data back, we can make it happen. Also, we have available a selection of backup devices to read your backup tapes/disks in the event of an extended outage.


  • Basic Repairs/Upgrades
  • Laptop Repair
  • Mac Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Virus Removal
  • Printer Repair