Web hosting is simply providing a place for your Web Pages and email to reside. Our web hosting service was born out of the need to help our customers in the respect of hosting that changes the most for them – Email. Our services allow you to control your domain email through our easy to use control panel, or you can contact us to make the changes for you at no extra charge!

Our hosting plans are very simple. Instead of creating many graduated plans that look cheap but start to cost more and more as your needs grow (and most get greedy when you add extra – you guessed it – emails), we have designed our plans where most of our customers will never exceed their limits, and therefore will not be billed for expensive overages. In the event a customer needs more capacity, it can be purchased for minimal

Many features are available such as autoresponders that let your customers know that responses are on the way. Broadcast addresses are available that allow an email to go to multiple recipients by sending to a single address. Webmail access is available to keep you in touch wherever you are, or a great solution for offices with “roaming” employees.

Hosting plans can always be custom configured to your needs, but we have found the following plans to cover most situations:

Web Only / Single Domain $15/mo $40/qtr $150/yr
Web / Single Domain / 100 Emails $25/mo $65/qtr $240/yr
100 Emails Only / Single Domain / 100 Emails $15/mo $40/qtr $150/yr
Each Additional 100 Email accounts $10/mo $25/qtr $80/yr
Each Additional Web space $10/mo $25/qtr $80/yr

NO SETUP FEES are charged for any web hosting plans!
Contact us for quantity/multiple domain discounts.